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South Norwood residents glad all over on Holmesdale Road closure

Pictured: South Norwood Labour Councillors Patsy Cummings & Clive Fraser with Holmesdale Road residents who are supporting the road closure.

Local residents of Holmesdale Road have made clear their support for the temporary closure of Holmesdale Road at the junction of Park Road which adjoins the iconic Holmesdale Road Stand of Selhurst Park football ground.

The temporary road closure has been in place since 3rd May and is part of a new initiative to stop through traffic on busy routes across the borough. As well as controlling extra Covid-19 related traffic, the scheme is also there to help make the neighbourhood a safer and more pleasant environment for local residents.

The closures are part of the council’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and are aimed at reducing rat runs in residential roads, improving road safety and better facilitating social distancing on busy walk ways. The Holmesdale Road closure in particular addresses long held concerns regarding its use by speeding cars as a cut through, and creates a new safer cycle route.

Holmesdale Road resident Angela Lyttle, said:

“The council’s low traffic initiatives are an excellent idea. Excessive speeding on our residential roads has been an ongoing problem that got even worse when the lockdown was announced. We welcome the action to reduce through traffic and dangerous driving, and create safer spaces for walking and cycling. We have noticed an improvement since the road barrier went up on Holmesdale Road, but we don’t want this to be limited to the lockdown. We hope our street can be transformed into a permanent safe place for pedestrians, and kids to play in, and where the noise and air pollution are dramatically reduced as well”

Other traffic calming measures and road safety measures introduced in the wider South Norwood area, include temporary road closures at:

  • Albert Road at the junction of Eldon Park and Harrington Road
  • Lancaster Road at the junction of Southern Avenue
  • Warminster Road at its southern junction with Lancaster Road
  • Woodville Ave at its junction with Avenue Road.

Plus temporary pavement widening at:

  • Parade of shop’s 2-14 Clifford Road on the southern approach to Norwood Junction
  • South Norwood High Street outside the Nisa Store (82 to 90 the High Street)

Clive Fraser, Labour and Cooperative Councillor for South Norwood, and himself a resident of Holmesdale Road, said:

“I think it is important that the Council responded to concerns on road safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. It should be the norm that roads are safe places where people can walk and cycle – with motor vehicles managed to allow for this.”

“Going forward there will be consultation on whether some or all of the traffic calming initiatives and road closures should be retained, or expanded upon. Road closure is not new in South Norwood – parts of Holmesdale Road and Park Road are effectively closed to all but pedestrian access during Crystal Palace match days.”

“Elsewhere in Regina Road a traffic barrier was introduced approximately 30 years ago to stop through traffic. I’m glad the success of those projects has been replicated in the council’s response to Covid-19 and I look forward to working with residents across South Norwood as the pandemic unfolds.”

Also supporting the traffic calming initiatives is South Norwood Labour Councillor and Croydon & Sutton GLA candidate Patsy Cummings. She said;

“It is important that we always put safety first on our roads and strike the balance between car users, the rights of pedestrians, cyclists and those with disabilities. Car ownership is not universal, and in South Norwood car ownership is only slightly above 50%. Many journeys locally are made by foot to for things like groceries and to connect to public transport. We therefore need to promote projects which make our neighborhood travel safe and friendly for all.”

“Should I be elected as the Assembly member for Croydon & Sutton it will be a priority of mine to campaign for traffic reduction initiatives across South London and to build on the fantastic work already being done across South Norwood.”


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