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Labour confirms plans to save Croydon Council £300,000 per year through reductions in councillors’ allowances

Labour has confirmed plans to save Croydon Council £300,000 per year through reductions in councillors’ allowances.

Labour Councillors drew up the plans through discussions in October and November.

The proposals will be put to the vote at an Extraordinary meeting of the Council on Wednesday evening.

If approved, the changes will save Croydon Council approximately £300,000 in the financial year starting on 1 April 2021.

Councillor Hamida Ali, Leader of the Council, said: “With the council’s finances under significant pressure, we’ve reviewed the scheme of councillors’ allowances and identified £300,000 worth of savings.

“It’s only right that councillors play our part at a time when residents and staff are affected. These changes are a symbolically important contribution to the wider savings that the Council needs to make in the coming years.”

Earlier this month the Council voted to approve the Croydon Renewal Plan, which sets out plans to balance the Council’s budget in future years.


The proposed changes include:

• Permanent deletion of 2nd Non Statutory Deputy Leader post

• Reduction of Cabinet from 10 to 9 (including Leader and Statutory Deputy leader)

• Deletion of the separate role of Chair of the Health of Wellbeing Board – with the function absorbed into Cabinet member role

• Reduction of Deputy Cabinet Member roles to four Deputies.

• As part of the Governance Review in setting up of Cabinet Member Advisory Committee’s (CMACs), introducing new CMAC Chairs at a new limited SRA rate of £5,000.

• Reducing the SRA for the Chair of Scrutiny by £10,000

• Applying a 20% reduction on all SRAs that are not new or already reduced.

• Mirroring changes to SRAs in the Shadow Cabinet to that in the Cabinet

• Deferral of any inflation increase for 2021/22 on the core basic Councillor Allowance, in addition to SRAs


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