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The Mayor’s priorities are wrong

Croydon is home to some of the poorest neighbourhoods in our country.

A quarter of adults in our borough live in households with income less than 60% of the UK average.

In classrooms in our schools on average one in three pupils live in child poverty.

A higher than national average of older residents in Croydon live in fuel poverty…with that likely to increase as the Cost of Living Crisis worsens with winter approaching.

We are a richly diverse borough but we experience unacceptable levels of inequality.

The recently published Mayor’s Business Plan is a reflection of his priorities.

His priorities are all wrong.

  • No reference, let alone plan or commitment, to tackle child poverty;
  • No reference to providing help to businesses and residents hit by the Cost of Living Crisis;
  • No reference to tackling inequality in our borough?

The Mayor’s priorities are wrong.


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