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58,000 in Croydon already behind on households bills – new analysis

58,000 in Croydon already behind on households bills – new analysis
New analysis from Croydon Labour reveals a staggering 58,651 adults in Croydon are already falling behind on households bills – and 32,584 have gone without food. The figures come after the Government’s disastrous mini-budget, which took place as the pound hit a 37-year low against the dollar, and real wages have fallen for 9 months in a row.

The analysis builds on the research from the debt charity, Money Advice Trust, which found one in five adults in the UK have fallen behind on at least one household bill and one in nine have gone without eating.
Publishing the analysis, Labour’s Leader at Croydon Council Councillor Stuart King said,

“After 12 years of Conservative rule, our country is in crisis. Wages are falling, the economy is on the brink of recession and our NHS is on its knees.

“58,000 are falling behind on their bills and almost everyone is finding this tough at the moment. So it is staggering that the Conservatives plans to deal with the cost of living appear is lifting the cap on bankers bonuses and tax cuts for the very wealthiest.”

“After more than a decade in power the Conservatives have delivered nothing for the people of Croydon except low growth, high taxes, and collapsing public services.”

Source: According to new research from the money advice trust 1 in 5 are behind on their bills and 1 in 9 have gone without eating.


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