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Meet Tom Bowell, your Labour candidate for Selsdon Vale and Forestdale

Tom is a proud and lifelong Croydonian, having been born in Mayday Hospital, and he has family connections in the area going back more than a century. Tom highly values the diversity and the character of the borough.

As a neurodivergent person, Tom is passionate about using his own lived experiences to improve the education experiences and wider life opportunities for people with special educational needs, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

Tom is proud to be in the Labour Party, and he has been involved with the party locally for some time now. Tom is also a keen trade unionist, being a member of Unite the union.

In his day job, Tom works for a leading public transport business, and he has long taken a keen interest in transport-related matters, especially surrounding local buses.

Outside of work, Tom is keen on walking, especially around the London area, as well as spending time with friends, reading biographies, and researching random facts on Wikipedia!


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