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Labour says NO to Tory 15% Tax hike!

Croydon’s Conservative Mayor is forcing council tax up by a staggering 15% – right in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis caused by his own government’s economic failure.

Last Autumn, the Conservative Government’s disastrous mini-budget caused a run on the pound and pushed up mortgages, rents, interest rates and prices in the shops. Households across Croydon have been left to pay the price with many now struggling to make ends meet. A 15% council tax rise will cost families an extra £240 on average – a figure that will be unaffordable for many.

There are deep-rooted problems at Croydon Town Hall that have persisted for decades.

Councillors of all parties, including the current Mayor, should never have voted for irresponsible budgets. But the single biggest cause of the bankruptcy was that the Conservative Government imposed unfair funding cuts on Croydon twice as big as the average cut to other councils.

The Government said that no council would be allowed to increase council tax above 5% without the support of residents in a referendum. But they agreed a back-door deal letting Croydon force up council tax by three times that level with no say for residents. This is unfair. Residents should have a say.

Basic services in Croydon are appalling with too much litter on our streets, grass left uncut, poor-quality housing, concerns about public safety and cuts to social care, libraries, youth services and much more. It is unacceptable for Croydon’s Conservative Mayor to make residents pay so much more while getting so much less in return.

Labour councillors are under new leadership at the Town Hall. We will vote against the Conservatives’ massive council tax hike.

Support our opposition to this unfair tax hike on Croydon’s residents by taking our survey to tell Croydon’s mayor to stop the 15% hike! –


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